Shaping Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

Who are you today? Is it who you want to be tomorrow?

Probably not.

Ctrl+Alterego is a podcast charting the journey of two entrepreneurs in the first years of their businesses.

Your hosts Bryan and Barrett don’t want jobs.

We’re building our new lives.

It’s a messy, confusing, challenging time. Every good origin story has that in common. This podcast is our origin story, on display with all that confusion and iteration, in a weekly format.

It’s like watching Peter Parker bumbling around the offices of The Daily Bugle, the whole time you’re in on his secret – he’s got radioactive spider juice flowing through his veins.

We want you to join us, and become tomorrow’s entrepreneur.

Stop being the mild-mannered alterego your obligations require you to be. Passive. Present. A peon. Peter Parker to the J. Jonah Jamesons of the corporate world.

Become the superhero you know you are inside.